Tuesday 27 November 2018

Five Questions - Lauren Pickett

We quickly caught up with London Bees winger Lauren Pickett to discover the how the mood is in the Bees camp.

- London Bees have shown good form recently, what have yourself and the team been working on?

We have been working really hard in training, upping the intensity and using this philosophy in our games. In training, we have been combining well and this has been reflective in our recent games.

The team and I have been happy with the positive results and we are on a high moving into the next game! And hope to continue our good run of form.

- How have you personally performed in recent games?

We have a really supportive network that helps me and the team to strive and remain positive in all situation. I’m happy, which influences my games for the better.

- You scored earlier in the season, and have had some chances in the last few games, do you feel there is more to come?

Yes, there is definitely more to come, 100%!

- Looking ahead to Tottenham in the Continental Cup, what have you learnt since making the move from Spurs?

It's always exciting playing against your old team so I'm looking forward to this game. Since being at the Bees I’ve learnt a lot, which has helped me develop as a player.

- Does it help to have more training and preparation leading into a game with a weekend off ahead of us?

We will have a few extra days to prepare fully for the mid-week game. Off the pitch, there is preparation from all the girls to make sure they are all up for the game.